I know I haven’t updated in a long time sorry. Not a whole much going on, current stock list:
Yasha Hase Goby (with candy cane pistol shrimp)
Flame Angel
2 clowns
Cleaner Shrinp

Getting some decent growth out of the corals I did loose the mummies eye chalice but everything else is going fine.

Here’s a couple of pics. The one is of my 5 year old son Micah trying to get the cleaner shrimp to clean his hand 🙂





RIP Banghii

well, last week i lost one of my cardinals 😦 its really sucks loosing a fish.  i still have the one but i think I’m going to trade it for something else.

i might get a flame angel, starry blenny, and royal gramma not sure yet.

Upgraded Lighting!! 250w Metal Halide

a good friend of mine didn’t have anything to do with his 250w metal halide so I got it! i now have enough lighting to keep just about any coral i could possibly want. it is a magnetic ballast with double ended bulb. ill need to get a new bulb very soon so i better start saving up haha. heres a pic of the system with the light on it!

Peppermint Shrimp! (RIP?)

when i put in the cleaner shrimp i also added 2 peppermint shrimp. i know for sure the next day one had died and was being eaten by the cleaner and everything else in the tank.  so that was an expensive meal.  i hope the other one is still alive but as they are mostly nocturnal and very shy its really hard to know. its really too bad as these are a great addition to any reef, very helpful critters.  heres a pic of them right before they went in.


i was blessed by getting a bunch of great corals to start my reef! i will try to make up some single pictures and descriptions of each individual coral have on the corals page but for now here are some photos of what i got!

Cleaner Shrimp!

one of my favorites in the salt water reef is the cleaner shrimp! they are so much fun to watch and once they get a decent size they are stunning to look at!!  heres a pic of the new shrimp! also its cool because i got this shrimp with my son Caleb so i decided to tell him that its HIS shrimp.  its so cool to see my boys get excited about it.



sorry i haven’t been updating and A LOT has been happening!! i have added several fish, corals, and upgraded my lighting.  so ill make a couple posts here to catch everything up.

OOPS!! (Broken Glass)

my friend Cory came over last night and brought with him a 250w Hamilton MH light that i will be hanging soon.  in the meantime i wanted to show my wife how it looked (See Pick #1) so i placed it on top of my glass tops.  i removed the plastic part of the top because i knew it would get hot and didn’t want to melt it.  what i didn’t know was that it would get hot enough over about 5-10 minutes that the glass itself would shatter and fall into the tank!!!  I’m just lucky the halide didn’t fall into the water that would have been a big bummer!! so now I’m back to the dual florescent until i can properly hang the halide.

Yasha Hashi Goby!!!!!!

I found one!! I found a yasha! I’m so excited. And I’ll be more excited once it comes out of hiding. I also threw a pistol shrimp in there so I really hope they pair up!! Here’s a couple pics of the goby and of the shrimp:





Banghii Cardinals!!

Added a pair of Banghiis!! I will be making a special tank for these guys for breeding. Possibly a mangrove sanctuary. They are awesome!