Oops! (issues already)

haven’t had an update in awhile and thats because I’ve been dealing with a few issues.

first off i was doing an RODI top off and forgot to turn off my RODI…. and went away for 2 days….. so yeah.

Hyposalinity. my salinity dropped from 1.025 to 1.014 in the two days i was gone.  I quickly got it back up to 1.026 and saved at least my snail and one of my hermits.  the other hermit is MIA as of now.

also appears to be some cyano-bacteria showing up (or at least spreading it was on my LR when i got it)

Levels are still looking good:

ammonia: 0.4ppm

nitrate: 0ppm

nitrite: 0ppm

chlorine: 0ppm

PH: 8.2

temp: 76


also the large baffle i had that separated my refugium broke loose so my fuge is now smaller than i had wanted but its not the end of the world. i plan on plumbing in a much larger refugium some other time. perhaps a 20g tall tank, or a custom size.


because of the issues with salinity I’m waiting a few days for the system to stabilize before getting my clowns and that should be my next update.


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