just a little excited! got my clowns yesterday and they’re doing great! The larger one with the “spot” mis-bar is actually the first SW fish i had ever bought (over 4 years ago) and about 2 1/2 years ago i sold her to a friend of mine.  My friend is getting out of the hobby and so i had the chance to buy her back!

if you have any idea wether it is an Occy or a Percula please leave a comment.

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  1. Great clownfish pictures! We have one true percula at the moment, piranhas of the sea!

  2. I believe your original clown (the one with the spot) is a true percula clown. The newer one is a ocellaris clown. Both are very nice looking.

    • oh really? it depends on who i talk to. her eyes look like an occy, but the disbar is really rare in them. it was sold to me as an occy because they couldn’t properly ID it so they gave me the cheaper price 🙂

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