OOPS!! (Broken Glass)

my friend Cory came over last night and brought with him a 250w Hamilton MH light that i will be hanging soon.  in the meantime i wanted to show my wife how it looked (See Pick #1) so i placed it on top of my glass tops.  i removed the plastic part of the top because i knew it would get hot and didn’t want to melt it.  what i didn’t know was that it would get hot enough over about 5-10 minutes that the glass itself would shatter and fall into the tank!!!  I’m just lucky the halide didn’t fall into the water that would have been a big bummer!! so now I’m back to the dual florescent until i can properly hang the halide.


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  1. Did the glass hurt anything in the tank? I imagine the MH heated up your water quite a bit, probably a bit of evaporation too. I love how MHs look over the tank. My friend is putting a SOL led unit over his 24 nano soon.

    • No nothing was hurt. I doubt it heated the water that much and with a basement sump it would actually help out my heaters a lot!! 250w over a 26g may seem like a lot to some people, but not me!

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