Upgraded Lighting!! 250w Metal Halide

a good friend of mine didn’t have anything to do with his 250w metal halide so I got it! i now have enough lighting to keep just about any coral i could possibly want. it is a magnetic ballast with double ended bulb. ill need to get a new bulb very soon so i better start saving up haha. heres a pic of the system with the light on it!


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  1. Looks nice! I love it when reefers go big with the sump! In my opinion it really helps the display look nicer. And if you think about it, the reefs have really big sumps in nature, its called the rest of the ocean!… LOL

    Everything looks great, nice and healthy. If you are in need of a new bulb, 1000bulbs.com has a 250w DE phoenix 14k for $60… good bulb for a very good price.

    Happy Reefing my friend

    • thats actually the exact bulb i was thinking of getting!! I’ve always wanted a phoenix bulb but I’ve always had single end bulbs and they don’t make one.

  2. What light acclimation schedule are you using? Notice a big tank temp change with that bad boy on?

    • i got the light before my corals so there was no real acclimation as far as corals go. right now my light cycle is about 7 hours i think. no water temp change at all, having the sump in the basement is a huge blessing! all the lights do is help out my heaters in these winter months 🙂

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